A true artist, whether he’s spinning or singing (or both) is not something we stumble upon very often. Meet Andy & Dorothy Sherman, a dynamic duo like no other. Born into a family where singing was as natural (if not more so) as speaking, it didn’t take long for both of them to follow their dad’s and uncle’s (Sherman Brothers) musical footsteps.

All kinds of music made it into the Sherman’s living room: soul, jazz, gospel, disco, old Motown records… Andy and Dorothy sure know their classics.

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Andy: ‘As kids we were surrounded by music. There was never a doubt on our minds about the future occupation. Our family’s musical legacy provided us with a solid foundation and we just kept building on that ever since. ’

Dorothy: ‘When we weren’t doing a show, we would rehearse or sometimes just hang out in the studio, observing and learning. We basically grew up on stage, touring with Sherman Brothers.

When the time came to spread their wings and make the next move they were more than ready. At first they worked on their own, separate careers. This probably explains why it took them a couple of years to “get back together” and come up with an idea for Shermanology.

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Andy got discovered by Jimmy Low from Public Demand Records, moved to the UK to become Artfull Dodger’s new lead singer, replacing Craig David and joining the bands world tour.

Dorothy gigged all over Europe for three straight years as a lead singer of a Suprèmes Tribute, Platters Tribute and other Motown shows.

During that crazy time they didn’t see each other much, but when they did they’d end up making plans to perform together in the future. The only problem was that they were constantly moving around, rarely being at one place or even country at the same time. That had to be dealt with first.

Andy: ‘Dorothy and I have reached the point where we felt comfortable enough to join forces again. We’d seen the world, gained a lot of stage experience and both thought that we were ready for some next level performance, something else, something new. So we decided it was time for us to move back to Holland’

The rest is history. In no time Andy’s mc/singer career took off and Dorothy’s amazing voice got discovered by every DJ/producer in town. For starters, DJ Roog (Hardsoul) offered her to do the vocals on “Self Religion”. The track got signed by Defected and was a massive club hit. Afterwards Andy did the vocals on Dr. Kucho’s “Lies to yourself” and the track turned out to be a big success as well.

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Good news travel fast and so in June 2008 both Andy and Dorothy were featured on DJ’s Fedde le Grand’s and Funkerman single called “3 minutes to explain”, another huge club hit (Flamingo Recordings) The collaboration with Flamingo was a successful one and didn’t end with “3 minutes to explain”.

Andy: “The chemistry was just there and we have a couple more upcoming records to prove it. It all came together and clicked like LEGO blocks”

Armed with a couple of successful tracks Andy & Dorothy launched the new live act, Shermanology, and were now doing live performances all over the globe.

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